Hello and thank you for stumbling across my website- I'm very glad you're here. My name is Landon Gibbs and I am a 23 year old photographer from central Ohio. I am currently residing in Lexington, Kentucky but I travel to many locations for doing events and photo shoots. I began my photography experience as a sophomore in high school and it quickly progressed into my passion and business. My training is primarily self taught, although I do hold a minor in photography from Murray State University in Murray, Ky. Capturing everyday sights, once in a lifetime moments, and forever memories through my own perspective allows me to show not only my clients but also every spectator of my work how I perceive the scene outside of my lens. I prefer artistic expression above formal and technical applications, although I work one on one with my clients to ensure they receive the best services possible according to their style and desires.  

I'm incredibly fortunate to have received your attention and notice- even if you choose not to utilize my services. Showing the world my work is more important to me than taking its money, and developing my own style, artistic definition, and personal craft is what I strive most for. 

On a less serious note- I would love to take your photo because it's cool. Join me in my constant quest of taking photos and getting lost in terabytes of files. Outside of photography,however, I enjoy planting things, exploring, and eating corn dogs or other questionable food. I'm also great at breathing, memorizing useless facts, giving unsolicited advice and believing that I'm actually a good cook. Fortunately for you, none of these incredible skills or hobbies will come in the way of your photos... I promise. 





129 Shawnee Place #2

Lexington KY, 40503


+1 740-505-4817